For Immediate Release
November 2021

Anne Delaney

On Notice: Paintings and Drawings

November 2‐27, 2021

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 4, 5‐8 PM

Artist Talk: Saturday, November 20, 4:30 PM

October 17, 2021 ‐ Bowery Gallery is pleased to present On Notice, an exhibition featuring drawings and paintings by artist Anne Delaney.

Artist statement from Anne Delaney:

This exhibition of paintings and drawings was created over the past two years against the backdrop of upheaval. The general mood here in NYC and beyond felt dark and uncertain, with a sense of isolation. Yet, there were also brighter moments of hope.

During this time, I had the opportunity to be in upstate NY and I used my studio days to read and draw. Following in the ages‐old tradition of painting from nature, I drew outside, and when it was too cold, I drew the interiors of the house and studio, including a few people, and two cats. With form and color, I attempted to reflect the mood of both quarantine and racial reckoning. I started drawing flowers, and tulips that were full of beauty and life, and when faded, symbols of mourning and transience. I also drew the trees around me. The old cragged and enduring apple trees were particularly satisfying subjects to examine. And finally, the colossal heads, created centuries ago by the Olmec people, were introduced to me in a drawing class by Graham Nickson. I drew large heads, sometimes falling over, reminiscent of Greek and Roman sculpture, which reminded me of the overturning of so many of our public statues. In my mind, the heads are both powerful and feminine.

Anne Delaney has exhibited at Bowery Gallery since 2013 and has participated in group shows at this gallery and other venues in New York City and elsewhere. Additional works by the artist can be viewed at and on her Instagram@Annedelaney2020.

The exhibition runs from Tuesday, November 2, through Saturday, November 27, 2021 at Bowery Gallery, 547 W. 27th Street, Suite 508, New York.

Anne Delaney will conduct a conversation about her work with artist Jill Nathanson. The talk will be held at the gallery November 20 at 4:30pm.


View of works in the exhibition here.

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