Bowery Gallery

Suzanne Guppy

The underlying subject of my work is time, it's passage, the constant fluid movement of it and the need to hold it still.

Not time in an abstract sense but time observed in daily life. I am not interested in a literal representation of things but in the poetry found in the relationship between things.

These paintings are small, personal works representing scenes observed and interpreted from my daily life. Painted on site and in the moment I try to maintain an awareness of the plastic organization of the whole painting as I work.

Using elements from observation I improvise to invent little vignettes that suggest more than they represent.

Themes of grief and aging, play, work and relaxation are all interpreted with a quirky playfulness which I think my interest in Zen ink painting has inspired.

My influences and interests are wide ranging from the poetry of Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost to Zen haiku, and from the American painters Albert York, Lois Dodd and Marsden Hartley to the French intimist painters Vuillard and Bonnard.


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