For Immediate Release
March 2021


Lynn Kotula 1945-2021

A Clear Vision

March 9 - April 10, 2021

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Lynn Kotula creates a kind of magic that is simultaneously quiet and robust. Completely lacking in pretense or artifice, her paintings are built on acute sensitivity, keen analysis, and deep love for the experience of seeing. They are richly rewarding for those who take the time to look slowly, allowing each painting to unfold. The online viewer is well-served to refrain from the rapid clicking and scrolling that characterizes so much contemporary experience. As one looks at Kotula’s paintings, her lemons, squash and eggplants, in their various careful arrangements, take on multiple meanings. The vegetables and kitchen implements become characters, as if on a stage, suggesting the possible varieties of human connection.

Kotula’s work is very much admired by her fellow artists:

A lemon painted by Lynn Kotula is proof that art exists. One can literally count the four or five clear internal tones set against a modest array of equally clear surrounding tones….Notes of color [are] brought alive.
—Thaddeus Raddell, review of “Rooms With a View: Seven Artists at Westbeth Gallery”

[Kotula] finds a deeper reality in vital forms. Minuets between fruit, vegetables and tableware capture the interior lives of these ostensibly inanimate objects.
—John Goodrich, review of Kotula’s 2012 Bowery show, “Animated Conversations”

Kotula’s still life paintings exude a serene beauty that comes from humble searching. One marvels at the light in her nuanced grays….Visually, the marks come alive describing her love of them and the sheer joy of looking.”
—Rita Baragona, notes on painting

[Kotula’s] luminous, intelligent paintings project deep and quiet, beautiful strength. [They are] gems, records of her observation, imagination, and love.
—Kamini Avril, on Kotula’s painting

Kotula exhibited regularly at Bowery Gallery since 2012, and previously at Prince Street Gallery. She also exhibited numerous times with the Zeuxis group.. Kotula’s work has also been shown at Lori Bookstein Fine Art, Lohin Geduld Gallery, BCK Fine Arts Gallery (Montauk) and The Painting Center, among other galleries.

Works in this exhibit are not for sale at this time. Sales, however, will be considered at a future point. Please direct inquiries to Gallery Manager,