Bowery Gallery

Adrianne Lobel

In her third show at the Bowery Gallery, Adrianne Lobel has worked from the plein air paintings she did last summer in a mobile home park. This new work has become scaled up, hard edged, geometric, and abstract with color that conveys space and light.

David Cohen, of Art Critical wrote this of her last show at The Carter Burden Gallery: 

"Tacking the banality of such delights as storage units, tract housing, parking lots and the like—the suburban sublime—painter (and former set designer) Adrianne Lobel occupies a hybrid aesthetic space somewhere between realist melancholy and utopian abstraction that’s as unsettling and ambiguous as the environment with which she contends. Often working at a larger than expected scale for such quotidian observations and insisting on upbeat palette and streamlined compositions for what actually betokens neglect and decay, and yet in credible witness rather than whimsical elaboration, she tests the boundaries between dejection and joy.” 

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